The Search for the Kryptonite That Can Stop CRISPR
Antonio Regalado | MIT Technology Review
“CRISPR weapons? We’ll leave it to your imagination exactly what one could look like. What is safe to say, though, is that DARPA has asked Doudna and others to start looking into prophylactic treatments or even pills you could take to stop gene editing, just the way you can swallow antibiotics if you’ve gotten an anthrax letter in the mail

Major Education Event set to Tackle 4th Industrial Revolution’ : IT News Africa

PR NewswireApril 26, 2019

JOHANNESBURG, April 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — On the 29th May 2019, IT News Africa is set to host the 4th annual Education Innovation Summit at the Hilton Hotel, Sandton. This year’s conference will focus on the exploration of emerging educational technology trends and aim to provide solutions to technological challenges within education. Under the theme ‘Preparing Africa for a tech-driven future’ the summit will be interactive with in-depth discussions and case studies from local and international experts, policy makers, academics, service providers and Edu-Tech specialists- all sharing their expertise and experiences with emerging technologies in the education sector.

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us and is set to radically transform the way we live and work. The digitization of information, unprecedented access to data, automation, artificial intelligence, robotics and the democratization of knowledge will impact every sector of our economy. As we are surely moving to a tech-driven economy, higher institutions must evolve in order to prepare our learners for the new careers that are being ushered in by these technologies.
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